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Stemming the Tide of Power-Generating Fatalities in the U.S.

ADCI and OSHA establish a Delta P Task Force     BY PHIL NEWSUM JOSEPH SOHM/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM In August of 2020, the ADCI and OSHA established a Delta P Task Force to address the 5 Delta P-related fatalities at power-generating facilities over a 25-month period. The task force will look at ways to educate facility operators of power-generating facilities that utilize ...

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Shipyards 101

This article is the first in a series commissioned by ADCI regarding shipyards and repair and maintenance BY GARY JONES Roman KutseKon/Shutterstock.com Shipyard practices have been under scrutiny for several years for numerous reasons and navigating these changes can sometimes be tricky. The reason for this is because eventually most vessels will end their life being dismantled and stripped of their ...

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