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ADCI Audit Initiative Enters Final Year

2019 will be the final year of the ADCI Audit Initiative. By March 1, 2020, every ADCI Member will need to have submitted to an audit.

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What Did You Say? The Truth About Radios

By Ocean Eye, Inc.’s Chris Gabel Editor’s Note: This is a continuation of the article What Did You Say? The Truth About Radios, which ran as an excerpt in the January/February issue of UNDERWATER Magazine. The excerpt can be read here.  You know the old adage: the job is only as successful as its weakest link. Nowhere is that more true than whenyou are ...

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A Slice of Diving History

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” – Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr Karr was a famous French 19th century journalist, who penned this epigram in 1849. This letter, written by Commander G.A. Converse to Lieutenant Commander Uriel Sebree, affirms how many divers, both military and commercial, can be slow to embrace change. The letter offers some insight into the ...

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