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ADCI remembers Les Gorski at a special 2022 Hall of Fame induction.

les gorski

The ADCI held the 2022 Hall of Fame induction ceremony for Les Gorski, who was inducted into the 2022 Class with both Mr. Richard Radecki (d) and Mr. Bruce Banks (d), on 13 August 2022 at the History of Diving Museum, in La Islamorada, Florida. The reception was attended by family and friends of Les Gorski, as well as many representatives in the commercial diving industry such as Mike Ward of Dive Lab and Jon Hazelbaker, ADCI Lead Auditor.

The Hall of Fame monument was presented to his wife, Eliza Gorski and two daughters, Agata and Margaret. Les passed away on 1 June of 2021.

the adci held the 2022 hall of fame

Les came to the United States in 1984 to pursue the American dream. As a young, but experienced commercial diver in Poland, he successfully pursued that same career path in the U.S., gaining work out of Houston, Texas, building a larger-than-life reputation in both the offshore and inshore sectors. With many amazing ideas, he went on to invent and create state of the art commercial diving helmet, GORSKI G2000SS, a sophisticated and field-friendly piece of life-support equipment that is widely used around the world to this day.

A plaque was placed outside of the wheelhouse on the USS Vandenberg earlier this year to mark his HOF induction and the location of his last deep dive before his passing. Les was accompanied on this last dive by Jon Hazelbaker, Mike Ward, Connor Newsum and Phil Newsum.

ceremony for les gorski

Photos of the dive and vessel were shared, along with stories from both family and friends. Les’ daughter, Margaret and wife, Eliza said a few words on behalf of Les Gorski (The Man, The Myth, The Legend, coined by his granddaughter, Bella).

the hall of fame monument was presented

The ceremony was filled with both tears and laughs, as stories were recounted about some of Les’ exploits, his passion for commercial diving, and the development of both the Gorski G2000SS and G3000SS dive helmets.

In October, Les’ name plate will be placed on the official Hall of Fame monument, located at the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum.

the hall of fame monument was presented to his wife