Barbara Treadway, ADCI Membership Director, Retired

barbara treadway

UNDERWATER Magazine had the opportunity to speak to newly retired Barbara Treadway, who has served the association for more than 30 years.

Please tell me how you became acquainted with ADCI? What was your initial role and how has that evolved?

ADCI was ADC then, for there were no international members. When Ross Saxon became the Executive Director, he needed a secretary, and I needed a job. We were acquainted through our children. My initial role was clerical, including learning about ADC by studying files that had been transferred from previous office and taking minutes of board and committee meetings. Early on, I was instrumental in obtaining 2nd Class, which later became Periodical, status for UnderWater magazine, and also maintained the subscription database. Processing membership applications became my most important role, and other duties included manning our booth at the annual UI show, managing annual Board of Directors election, and assisting the annual Hall of Fame and Scholarship committees. Later, AP/AR took much of my time.

What are some challenges you’ve encountered the last couple of years, considering the pandemic?

The pandemic caused a halt in processing membership apps, mainly due to the isolation and travel restrictions preventing dive audits. Meetings became Zoom meetings. As for our office, we all have separate offices, so much of our work was business as usual.

What has been your favorite aspect of the job? Why?

The PEOPLE! Phil, Sarai, Nancy and our former UI director, Becky, all became like family to me. I, too, enjoyed knowing so many of our members, some I’ve known the entirety of my ADCI career.

How has the industry changed since you’ve been involved with ADCI? Are members also changing, wanting different things from ADCI as well?

It’s much much safer now due to stricter and ever improving regulations and guidelines. Members now play an important role in the constantly changing Consensus Standards. Most seem to be willing to go to great lengths to keep the divers safe and to educate their clients rather than cut corners to win the lowest job bid. Our large international community, which is an enormous change from 30 years ago, have definitely brought much to the table and are appreciated.

What is the next chapter for you? Any travel plans? Other interests?

Spending time with grandkids is a priority. They all three live here, and I have had many sleepovers, enjoyed their games, concerts and even practice driving! Travel: I have visited most states, including Hawaii, and five countries, and with all the current travel headaches, I will probably limit to short road trips and watching Rick Steves.

I am fortunate to have many friends and am active in church and a support group, so I don’t plan to be lonely!