The ADCI Hall of Fame Inducts: Bruce Banks

ADCI Commercial Diving Hall Of Fame
bruce banks

Bruce Banks is an industry icon who left us February 7, 2022. He formerly served as Chairman of the Jamestown Marine Services Group, comprising Divers Institute of Technology, Seattle, Washington; Jamestown Marine Services, Inc., Groton, Connecticut; and Jamestown Marine Offshore, Jamestown, Rhode Island. In his previous naval career as a Diving and Salvage Officer, he served as Commanding Officer, Navy Diving and Salvage Training, Center, where he developed a phased integrated training curriculum for 14 courses ranging from 6-26 weeks’ duration. During his tenure, over 24,000 dives and 70 salvage training operations were conducted.

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“Mr. Banks’ continuing efforts to provide quality commercial diving education and his untiring devotion to remote support for international cooperation for commercial diving education and safety standards and regulations are marks of a true professional who seeks the very best for our commercial divers throughout the world,” said Captain John Ringelberg.