A Message From The Executive Director

phil newsum

I hope you enjoy this edition of Underwater.

The ADCI is involved in an initiative to address the five differential pressure-related fatalities that have occurred in the inland sector over the past 25 months. At the request of the Department of Labor (OSHA), a task force consisting of the ADCI, OSHA, contractors, the USACE, sonar SMEs, facility operators has been formed. The task force’s mission is:

  • To promote greater client awareness on the hazards of differential pressure (DP); and
  • To recommend best practices and safety procedures to be used when conducting underwater work where differential pressure is likely.

The task force’s mission and goals may expand as necessary, but it is critical that the task force develop an informational package for the power industry to include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Review and recommend equipment requirements for conducting safe operations in a DP environment;
  • Develop a marketing plan, targeting the power facility operators, which focuses on the importance of contractor selection;
  • Recommend period review (and revision, if necessary) of power facility blueprints by operators.

This is the first time such a task force has been developed to focus on this issue, and it should have an impact towards mitigating DP-related incidents. I will continue to provide updates on the task force’s efforts in future messages and informational notices.

The ADCI is also looking at ways to expand its message to different demographics within the industry by venturing into a cooperative with the Bottom Dwellers Dive Shack podcasts. The ADCI’s outreach has primarily been concentrated on contractor senior management and schools, missing out on many folks in the field (divers and supervisors). That needs to change.

I want to reinforce the importance of industry being aware of the ADCI’s policy on forged and altered certifications. I have mentioned this in previous messages, but it is worth repeating so long as this practice remains an issue. If the ADCI uncovers a forged certification, the individual will not be permitted to apply for any certifications with the ADCI. If the ADCI uncovers an altered certification, the individual’s certification will be revoked in the database, and there will be no future opportunities for that individual to apply for an ADCI certification.

The Association wants to assist divers and supervisors in ensuring that their certifications are current. If you need assistance, we can extend the life of a card if there are hardships or other challenges standing in the way of getting a renewal application into the office. However, there is no excuse for forgeries or alterations. Basically, the ADCI has a zero-tolerance policy for forgeries or alterations. I encourage all contractors and schools to share this message with their students and divers. All contractors and end-users are encouraged to contact the ADCI office if they have any questions about an individual’s certification.

In mid-September, the International Diving regulators and Certifiers Forum (IDRCF) will meet. One of the items that will be discussed is a unified policy for addressing certification forgeries and alterations. The IDRCF is comprised of ADAS, ADCI, DCBC, France, IMCA, Norway and South Africa.

Lastly, the ADCI will look at ways to help contractors deal with the rising number of breakout- COVID infections. Breakout infections are infections that occur after an individual has been fully vaccinated. They usually present mild to no symptoms, yet the individual is just as contagious to others as someone who hasn’t received any vaccinations for COVID. As the rules of the game continue to change, the ADCI will look to keep pace with best practices for mitigating the spread of the virus.

As always, stay safe.