The Last Word: Richard Johnston, The Ocean Corp.

richard johnston

UNDERWATER Magazine had the opportunity to speak with Richard Johnston of The Ocean Corp.

What your responsibilities are at your current job? What about your background?

I currently do marketing for The Ocean Corp. as well as serve as an instructor. I also develop and expand programs such as the diver first responder and underwater welding certifications.

How have you dealt with the challenges brought on by the pandemic? How has the pandemic changed the commercial diving industry?

We managed very well through the pandemic taking extra precautions such as cleaning diving equipment and classroom tables and chairs, weekly testing student temperatures and symptoms. Like everywhere we had a but of a downturn in job placement, but have bounced back.

How have you been involved with ADCI?

We stay in touch with the ADCI and other organizations so that we can continually strive to meet market demands with regards to training.

the ocean corp

What has been the most rewarding part of your career in the industry?

I am a third generation commercial diver and followed in my grandpa and father’s footsteps. The most rewarding part of being in diving is being able to share my experiences when training future divers.

What types of issues are most prevalent in the industry now? How would you like to see ADCI approach these?

Diving has gotten much safer over the years, and we would like the ADCI let us know what we can do to train future divers and tenders to continue keeping the industry safe and rewarding.

Where will the industry be in 5 years?

I feel there will always be a need for divers. Many factors determine the future of the oil and gas industry with politics playing a major role.