A Message From The ADCI President

By Bryan Nicholls

Bryan Nicholls

Welcome to the November/December issue of Underwater Magazine! Fall is officially here, and for many of us, the summer diving season is winding down as the cooler weather approaches. That said, this fall has been and will certainly continue to be a busy time for the association and its membership. Particularly, as we move into the holiday months and prepare for Underwater Intervention 2020.

In conjunction with the East Coast and Midwest Chapter meetings, the Board of Directors met in Philadelphia on October 3-5. From my perspective, these events were well-coordinated, well-attended, and there were many great takeaways from both the meetings and the presentations. Special thanks to Don Dryden and Don Wilkens (aka “Don Squared”) for putting it all together. Your commitment and hard work is certainly appreciated.

October continued to be an eventful month for our association. The Latin American and Caribbean Chapters held their annual meetings in Cartagena, Colombia, on October 16-18, and the West Coast Chapter held their conference on October 18-20 in Astoria, Oregon, alongside the Historical Diving Society’s annual conference.

Hopefully, all of this activity will culminate into some worthy action items as we head into the new year.

Speaking of actionable items, please be sure to check out the section at the front of each issue of Underwater Magazine titled “What your board is doing for you.” This is a great way to get a quick overview of the board’s current activities as well as future events worth noting.

As an example, the final revisions to a guidance document regarding Underwater Ship’s Husbandry for Cargo Ships and Freighters are almost finished. The impetus for this document stems from the number of fatalities that have occurred while conducting this type of work in various parts of the world over the past three years. We expect this document to be well-received among many of the leading commercial diving trade associations worldwide. We also intend to utilize it in conjunction with, and to bolster, Revision 6.3 of our Consensus Standards. On a separate note, there are several potential bylaw changes to be voted on soon. We hope to have all of these ratified by the Board of Directors prior to UI 2020, which is when the membership will cast its votes.

Regarding our membership, recent changes within our industry combined with the natural order of business are starting to create some significant shifts within the membership, and subsequently, its representation and leadership. If you desire to contribute more to your industry, or if you wish to have a genuine effect on the safety of divers and diving policy, now would be an opportune time to get involved in your ADCI. To learn more, feel free to contact your local Chapter Chair or a member of the Board of Directors. These individuals are mentioned at the front of each issue, and their contact information can also be found on the ADCI’s website.

In addition, this issue includes articles related to contemporary applications for inland ROVs in the commercial diving industry, as well as, the announcement of this year’s Mark V scholarship recipient. I look forward to reading up on both.

Speaking of scholarships, please note that the deadline for submitting an application for the ADCI scholarship or turning in nominations for the Commercial Diving Hall of Fame is November 1.

Regarding the scholarships, a reminder that the ADCI offers two each year, and that each member company can sponsor just one applicant. Special thanks to Bo Ristic, Mike Willis and their respective committees for their continued efforts and support of the Association, and, in recognizing the achievements of those that have worked so hard to be nominated.

One last reminder; do not forget to register for Underwater Intervention 2020. The show will be held in New Orleans on February 4-6 at the Morial Convention Center. Those of you that had the opportunity to attend last year saw the show’s exciting new look, and this year the event promises to provide more of the same. There is a great team of people from all over the subsea industry working to bring the kind of content that you would expect at this event. To register, please visit the Underwater Intervention webpage at www.underwaterintervention.com for more information.

By the time this issue reaches you, the holiday season will be upon us. No matter where you call home, or what holidays and traditions you hold dear, I hope that you have a wonderful and safe holiday. I will see you in 2020.

Until then, be well and dive safe!