Commercial Diving Tracks

By Stephen Pratt, UI Commercial Dive Track Lead Chair

The landscape for Underwater Intervention (February 4-6) is undergoing subtle changes in hopes of driving new interest, as well as retaining some original content that has proven valuable throughout the years. With my recent induction as the Commercial Dive Track Chair, I am motivated to bring an inland diving, and niche market influence into the technical tracks, as well as keeping the offshore and oilfield presence in full strength.

I will continue to work with long time Commercial Diving Track Chair, Steve Struble, as he will spearhead efforts in bringing workshops, certification classes, and technical training to the show.

It is the time of year once again to start reaching out to potential speakers to compile abstracts. I have already begun contact with many key speakers whom we all gather to learn with year after year, as well as some new and exciting talent.

Some (new) key potential presentations for this year will include:

  • Underwater Unexploded Ordnance identification and remediation
  • Salvage of the Costa Concordia
  • X-Y axis automated underwater hydro-blaster for structural concrete demolition
  • Key software for dive forms and ISO standard compliance
  • And many more interesting presentations

I believe newly added niche presentations, historical speakers, and the introduction/revival of industry applicable workshops is the recipe for a very exciting and beneficial event.

I will be in contact with many of you soon, and we look very forward to seeing each one of you at UI 2020.

We are excited about some of the tentative workshops for UI 2020 and the technical presentation are starting to come together nicely also. Some of the bigger workshops will require additional pre-registration and associated fees to cover the cost of certifications. Two workshops that fall in line with this criteria are:

Underwater Bridge Inspection Course and Chamber Bib Inspector Course. These classes require a certain number of participants to pre-register so we can hold these classes during the week of UI. Please register for these courses early so we do not have to cancel them.

The Underwater Bridge Inspection Class is a 4-day class (Monday, February 3 -Thursday, February 6). During this course they will discuss the latest changes to the National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS), require FHWA-approved bridge inspection training for all divers conducting underwater inspections. This course provides an overview of diving operations that will be useful to agency personnel responsible for managing underwater bridge inspections.

Course topics include: methods of underwater inspection, underwater material deterioration mechanisms and inspection techniques, scour inspection techniques, underwater element-level rating, and underwater bridge inspection training. A final examination based on course content will be administered to participants.

The Bib Certification class ($500 per bib course) will cover the Amron 350M and 450M BIBS Mask and/or the AVOX Pressur Vak II™ BIBS Mask Repair Technician Course. This will be held on Monday February 3rd. Each bib course is approx.. 4 hr length.

  • Overview of the mask
  • Recommended tools, lubricants, and cleaners
  • General care
  • Disassembly procedures
  • Assembly procedures
  • Service log

Here, we are offering you an opportunity to be trained, or have someone from your organization trained so you can properly maintain your bibs in-house while attending UI. Remember to always follow your manufacturers recommendation on all equipment and use properly trained personnel when required on repairs and maintenance.

We also have other tentative workshops so please stay tuned to hear about those in the next issue of Underwater Magazine.