A Message from the Executive Director

By Phil Newsum

I hope you enjoy this edition of Underwater. This edition will be the last one for Steve Guglielmo, managing director. Steve will be moving on from Naylor for another business opportunity. I want to thank Steve for his stewardship of the magazine and all of his hard work with handling our social media accounts, Underwater Today, and readership surveys. Steve has done a great deal to improve the content of the magazine by engaging with our Content Committee. I want to personally wish him good luck with his future endeavors.

I want to welcome our new managing editor, Rachel Brown. Rachel comes highly endorsed from both her predecessor and Naylor. Rachel appears to have the passion and commitment needed to take the magazine to the next level. Welcome aboard Rachel.

I am happy to announce that the Memorandum of Understanding between ADCI and IMCA was formally signed on 26 June 2019. The MOU covers such items as mutual recognition of certifications IMCA certifications and the certifications of the ADCI (INTERNATIONAL ENDORSEMENT). The parties also agree to:

  • Share published safety-related information concerning offshore operations.
  • Share views and opinions relating to common areas of interest where safety is concerned.
  • Collaborate to ensure that commercial diver training for offshore operations, recognized by either party is conducted to the highest industry standards and in accordance with the current International Diving Regulator and Certifiers Forum (IDRCF) guidance; and
  • Collaborate for long-term benefit of the offshore commercial diving industry world-wide.

For a number of years, the two Associations have had a close working relationship and earlier this year established the International Diving Improvement Forum (IDIF) together with the International Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP), to reduce and control the risks associated with diving in the oil and gas industry globally. The formal collaborative efforts of both Associations will allow us to better address industry challenges, as well as standardize and promote best safe practices.

I wanted to devote the bulk of this edition’s message to the subject of wellness. Whereas ADCI President Bryan Nicholls, has discussed in his previous messages the need for personnel out in the field to stay hydrated and properly deal with the warm seasonal weather, I am going to focus on a different industry demographic. It’s the 40-50-60 somethings that are in management/ownership who are straddled with travel, industry and company meetings, and excessive amounts of time behind a desk.

Often eating on the fly, not getting proper rest or exercising regularly, WE (because I’m just as guilty as the next person of not adhering to this) within this demographic should not be surprised if we experience hypertension, cholesterol issues, a heart attack, or a stroke. We’re so focused on the safety and wellness of our divers, establishing guidelines for fitness, but the issue of our own wellness often escapes our thoughts.

Recently, I have seen several of my industry colleagues succumb to one or more of the above conditions. When I look at the schedules that many of us have, along with drinking and smoking, we are on a fast track to suffering a heart attack or a stroke. Because of our passion to excel at our jobs, we often ignore our own wellness and take our health for granted. We are all set in our ways and for me at 58, I need to look at the lessons learned that unfortunately have been provided by some of my peers over the past few years.

  • Take a moment to assess where you’re at from a wellness standpoint. Get yourself to the doctor for a check- up at least twice a year.
  • Take a hard look at what you eat for lunch during the work hours. If there is a time where we tend to eat the worst meal of the day, it’s when we want to scarf down a quick bite to eat before sitting back down at our desks.
  • Get up from your desk at least once every forty-five minutes to stretch or walk around the office. Remarkably, this will make a difference.

I’m not here to preach, but I’ve had to very recently look in the mirror and listen to the input from friends and family. If we want to truly be there for our families, friends, and companies that we work so hard for to be successful, then give some real thought to adopting a more sustainable lifestyle.

It is difficult to see friends and colleagues lost to things that could very easily be avoided. Like what we see and preach with diving, there won’t always be a near miss. If you are lucky you will survive a heart attack or stroke. It certainly isn’t a given. Let’s all keep wellness on our radar.