A Message from the ADCI President

By Bryan Nicholls

Bryan Nicholls

Welcome to the July/August edition of Underwater Magazine!

As most of you know, summer is traditionally the busiest season of the year for divers, as it tends to be the most profitable, and often times sets the tone for the rest of the year. I certainly hope that this summer is no exception, and that it will be both busy and safe for you and your respective companies.

Remember though, that summer can also bring dangerously high temperatures in some places, so we must remind our teams about the importance of hydration and the ways to prevent heat-related illnesses. Watch out for your teammates and stay hydrated!

Another one of the hallmarks of summer is the beginning of the hurricane season. NOAA’s forecast for the 2019 Atlantic season is “near normal”, or in other words, approximately 9-15 named storms, with potentially 4-8 of these becoming hurricanes. Of these, 2-4 could be major. Despite the near normal to average predictions, we all know that it only takes one major storm to wreak havoc on a populated area. According to recent estimates, the 2018 hurricane season alone cost the US approx. $50 billion. In fact, it was just 9 short months ago that Hurricane Michael devastated parts of the Florida coast. This hurricane was recently given a Category 5 classification by NOAA (more on this, including the U.S. Coast Guard’s response, was featured in the last issue of Underwater Magazine). For those of you that are in the gulf coast region, preparation is key.

This issue’s The Last Word features Karl Miller of Bay-Tech Industries. Both Karl and Bay-Tech have been long time members and/or supporters of the ADCI and of commercial diving as a whole. I always look forward to reading a bit more about our industry partners and those that make things happen “behind the curtain”. Read on and get to know Karl!

You will also get a “blast from the past”, as we revisit an article from the May 1990 Squawk Box on Bailout Safety written by Skip Dunham. As you will see, bailout safety, and the methods for disseminating this info have certainly changed in the past 27 years.

But these are just the highlights, so be sure to read on for more!

Underwater Intervention 2020 is still 8 months away, but it will be here before we know it and preparations are well underway. Of note, the UI 2020 website is live, and though tentative, this year’s diving tracks appear to be filling in nicely. Special thanks to both Steve Pratt and Steve Struble for their contributions to the diving tracks. If you have any ideas regarding additional content for the show, please feel free to contact the Commercial Diving Track Chair, Steve Pratt at spratt@jfbrennan.com. The UI 2020 website will be updated regularly as new information is available, so I would encourage you to check it out from time to time.

Speaking of websites, if you have not noticed, one of the more recent additions to the ADCI’s website is a link to IMCA’s Making Waves. For those of you that are unfamiliar with this publication, Making Waves is IMCA’s quarterly magazine, which according to their site “contains features on topical issues and interviews with industry specialists, provides updates on the work of IMCA committees, reports on seminars and workshops and summarises briefing on regulatory issues and other industry developments“. You can find the link to this on the ADCI homepage under the header “Resources”. This is yet another source of information regarding our industry, and an example of our association’s increasing number of partnerships worldwide. To further this point, I would like to encourage each of you to check out the recent ADCI TV video “ADCI Forms New Strategic Partnerships“. While there, feel free to catch up on some of the other videos that you may have missed, or revisit some of your old favorites. Personally, I never get tired of the videos regarding underwater burning and differential pressure. Otherwise, there is always something that can be discovered and utilized for training purposes.

Some reminders:

The ADCI’s 36 month audit initiative is in its final year, so if you have yet to schedule your audit, please contact the ADCI office for details. Remember that the purpose of this initiative is to ensure that all general member companies (and schools) are in compliance with our Consensus Standards. This audit only applies to companies and schools that did not undergo a formal 3rd party audit prior to 2006. There is nothing punitive about these audits, and they are not meant to be pass/fail by design. Their sole purpose is to provide a baseline of operational consistency within the membership and to bolster the credibility of the association by ensuring that both the association and its members “talk the talk and walk the walk”. I can tell you from experience that it is painless, and can potentially improve some aspects within your organization.

Lastly, I would like to restate some information from the last issue regarding the Underwater Magazine subscription list. In an effort to reduce cost and waste, we are attempting to clean up this data in order to reduce the number of unwanted, redundant, and/or errant subscriptions. We need your help! Please submit your address change or cancellation request to rachelb@naylor.com with the subject line “ADCI Mailing” to let us know.

Until next time, I hope that you have a safe and prosperous summer.

Dive safely!