A Message From The ADCI President

By Bryan Nicholls

Bryan Nicholls

Welcome to the May/June edition of Underwater Magazine!

In this corner of the globe, it is late spring, which is typically the beginning of the busy season for our industry; a time for longer and more productive days, better weather, and an opportunity for many of us to dust off the gear that we may have mothballed over the winter. Always remember to inspect, calibrate and test!

Now that we have recovered from the chaos of Underwater Intervention, the Board is gearing up for our first meeting since the show.

The next Board of Director’s meeting will be held at the end of June, and as usual, there will be no shortage of action items to tackle. The final touches are being applied to Rev. 6.3 of our International Consensus Standards for Commercial Diving and Underwater Operations, which was ratified by the Board of Directors at Underwater Intervention 2019. We hope to have this in the hands of the membership very soon. A note regarding future updates to the Consensus Standards; after Rev. 6.3, reviews and revisions will be done by individual section going forward, instead of reviewing and revising the entire document each time. This was decided by the Board in order to save time and to provide more focused attention to each section. We also hope to get a better response from our industry’s stakeholders during the public comment periods since they will only have to focus their attention on one topic at a time.

Furthermore, changes are still being made to Underwater Magazine, as our Content Committee has been working diligently to bring fresh, industry relevant content to our readers. This being said, I would like to notify our readers that we will soon be moving to 2 digital-only issues per year. The remaining 4 issues will still be published in the familiar printed and digital formats.

This issue features articles related to preventing decompression illness, a preview of the commercial diving track for UI 2019, the U.S. Coast Guard’s response to Hurricane Michael, and more.

I was in Florida when Hurricane Michael hit the panhandle last October, and although I was fortunate enough to be out of harm’s way, many were not. Sources vary regarding the totals, but dozens of deaths have been attributed to this storm, both in the United States and Central America. Hurricane Michael also caused an estimated $25.1 billion in damages in the US alone.

Nearly 7 months later, many places are still recovering, and with NOAA recently upgrading Michael to a Category 5 storm, this may have further ramifications regarding the future of funding for the recovery efforts. The recent category upgrade also makes Hurricane Michael the first Category 5 hurricane to strike the contiguous United States since Andrew in 1992, and only the 4th (on record) to do so. In addition, it was the third-most intense Atlantic hurricane to make landfall in the contiguous United States in terms of pressure, behind the 1935 Labor Day hurricane and Hurricane Camille of 1969.

I look forward to reading more about this from the USCG perspective in this issue.

One more point regarding Underwater Magazine: we have received quite a bit of feedback regarding errant, outdated and/or or unwanted subscriptions. In an effort to clean up our subscription database, and to save money and trees, please email Steve Guglielmo at sguglielmo@naylor.com regarding subscription updates or cancellations. If you, someone from your company, or a former employee is receiving a subscription and should not be, please let Steve know!

Also, I would also like to remind the membership to be on the lookout for deserving candidates for both the Commercial Diving Hall of Fame and the ADCI scholarships. Regarding the latter, May and June are typically months for high school graduations, therefore, it is never too early to identify and/or sponsor someone that may benefit from these scholarships. We would like to see more international applicants as well, so hopefully this reminder will make its way around! You can learn more by visiting the ADCI website at adc-int.org.

Finally, I have stated this before; aside from diving safety and our Association’s efforts to continually promote best industry practice, I still believe that the ADCI scholarship is one of the finest contributions that our Association has to offer. Knowing that we are directly contributing to higher education and the goals of highly motivated and deserving people, both inside and outside of our industry, is quite rewarding. The number of qualified applicants to be vetted is impressive, and the Scholarship Committee certainly has their work cut out for them.

Until next time, dive safe and prosper!