ADCI Chapter Updates

West Coast Chapter

Tom Ulrich, Vice President of American Marine Corporation and Chairman of the ADCI Western Chapter, provided this issue’s update for the Western Chapter.

“Chapter members reported a busy quarter in all sectors,” says Ulrich. “The next chapter meeting will be at Underwater Intervention and agenda items include a state of the chapter and review of ADCI Board of Directors Meeting at UI. We are also planning the 2019 ADCI West Coast Chapter meeting for October in Astoria, Oregon, in conjunction with the Historical Diving Society.”

Gulf Coast Chapter

Travis Detke, VP of Operations at Aqueos Corporation and Chairman of the ADCI Gulf Coast Chapter, provided this issue’s update for the Gulf Coast Chapter.

“Our last chapter meeting, held in Lafayette following the July DSWG meeting, was well attended with general and associate members in addition to several clients,” says Detke. “An overview of the membership audit initiative and the ADCI International Endorsement of surface divers was presented by Phil Newsum.”

He continued, “The market has certainly seen an uptick from 2017 for which we are all grateful. We have several start-up companies in our industry and need to keep the pressure on them to join the ADCI. Additionally, there is still an interest in joining forces with the operators to have the marine assets, currently staged across the gulf for oil spill response, serve a dual purpose and be prepared to render assistance in the recovery of saturation SPHL’s or HRC’s which have been launched in an emergency. This will be a long lead time issue, but the safety and cost efficiencies are there for the taking.”

The chapter’s next meeting will take place on Monday, February 4, at 4:00 p.m. in the Convention Center during UI.

“My term as the Gulf Coast Chapter chairman will be expiring at the Underwater Intervention. Nominations for the Chapter Chair and the newly created position of Vice-Chair will be solicited in December with the election to be held at the next chapter meeting. One sign of a strong association is healthy competition for the voluntary leadership roles. So I’d urge all gulf coast members to consider running for either position and I wish you well. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me,” says Detke.

East Coast Chapter

Donald Dryden, President of Dryden Diving Co., Inc. and Chairman of the ADCI East Coast Chapter, provided this issue’s update for the East Coast Chapter.

“We have been pushing for the completion of all company audits,” says Dryden. “One trend we’ve seen is a greater number of individual divers successfully completing their ADCI Supervisor Tests.”

The chapter’s next meeting will take place in the Fall of 2019.