2019 ROV/AUV Pictorial


Oceaneering Boosts Mission Support Capabilities

An Oceaneering ROV working with our ROV Cuttings Transport System (RCTS). Photo courtesy of Oceaneering.
An Oceaneering ROV prepares to launch at a nearby offshore wind farm. Photo courtesy of Oceaneering.

Oceaneering aims to stay ahead of the curve and develop technology and processes to meet our customers’ ever-changing needs. In 2016, Oceaneering opened its first dedicated Mission Support Center (MSC) in Stavanger, Norway, bolstered by 4G connectivity and remote piloting and automated control technology (RPACT). The MSC provides a base for supporting offshore operations by using remotely located personnel.

The MSC not only enables our customer to receive real-time feeds of operations, but to also actively engage and participate in these ROV missions. This is a perfect way for customers to optimize efficiencies, reduce carbon footprints, and operate in a more environmentally friendly manner. The MSC meets these criteria by requiring fewer mobilizations of personnel and providing access to specialists who are typically based onshore, thus optimizing time and resources for a more cost efficient operation.

Oceaneering offers mission support anywhere around the world.

Saab Seaeye

Innovations That Shaped The Future

Founded in 1986, Saab Seaeye has grown to become the world leader in electric underwater robotic vehicles.

Their success comes from pioneering innovative underwater robotic technology that has changed the industry.

Innovations include brushless DC thrusters, polypropylene chassis, carbon fibre pressure vessels, high frequency power distribution, iCON distributed intelligence, fault-tolerant control systems with self-diagnostics, and advances in remote satellite control.

Systems range from the hugely successful metre-sized Falcon to the work-class Leopard, the most powerful vehicle of its size in the world. They were also first to merge ROV and AUV technologies in the shape of the Sabertooth.

All their vehicles are deployed across a vast array of demanding tasks in situations where they are renowned for working tirelessly over extended periods in the most challenging conditions.

Supporting Diving

During diving operations Saab Seaeye’s systems are widely used for support and safety, undertaking missions too risky for a diver, or examining locations before a dive, transporting tools and equipment between diver and surface, and watching over divers whilst they work.

New technologies are expanding the future potency of underwater robotic systems. Saab Seaeye is in the forefront of these cutting-edge developments through advancing intelligent control, miniaturisation and clever power to create systems that are smaller, smarter, lighter, more agile and more powerful.


The MSS Defender demonstration at Nor-fishing 2018. Photo by Marie Fleetwood.
The Pro 4, MSS Pro 5, and MSS Defender were used as part of a 2018 pre-storm riser and center well inspection on a production spar located in the Gulf of Mexico. Photo by Dean Nafziger.
A VideoRay Pro 4 inspecting 1 of 16 water storage facilities in Florida, USA.


Multi-pass prelay plough, the first system of its kind to offer boulder clearance, trenching and backfill in a single vehicle.
State-of-the-art, electrically-driven self-fleeting cable drum engine system delivered to Kokusai Cable Ships.
BT500 Burial Tractor complete with wheel cutter, delivered to CCC UE, optimized for power cable installation in hard grounds for the oil and gas industry.
QT1600, delivered to Van Oord, optimized for offshore wind applications in shallow water.

Forum Energy Technologies

Sub Atlantic’s Mohican with its pilot controlled dynamically vectored thrusters is ideally suited for shallow water excursions in strong currents.
As well as having built over 800 ROVs to date, Forum is also a world leader in the design and manufacture of Submarine Rescue Vehicles.
Triton XLX-C 05 makes ready for its next mission on a calm day. Photo courtesy of SS7.
The University of Limerick’s Sub Atlantic Comanche demonstrates the dexterity of its manipulator control system designed in house as it removes the cork from the champagne bottle at its launch in April 2018. Courtesy of the University of Limerick.
Forum’s Spirit, the first of a new product line of electric ROV’s.